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High Translucent (HT-Plus)

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High Translucent HT-Plus

High Translucent HT-Plus

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High translucency /high aesthetic coping zirconium oxide materials /
prettau zirconia discs/1350 Mpa block / Dental Zirconia block / Dental
Zirconia Disc / Dental Zirconia Blank/ For making posterior  / coping
crown / bridge / VHF Roland Wieland compatible zirconia block /

Model Number:HT-Plus zirconia block
Minimum Order Quantity:1 pcs
Packaging Details:1 disc / pack lining polyfoam  color print logo
Delivery Time:1-7days
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C, PayPal, Western Union, Alipay
Supply Ability:10000pcs monthly

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Bloomzir® High Translucent HT-Plus is made of high tranclucent zirconium oxide(37% light transmittance), that guarantees natural tooth looking. With extreme flexural strength( 1350Mpa).

Bloomzir® High Translucent HT-Plus is biocompatible and particularly resistant to ageing. This kind of material is different from other conventional zirconium oxides material in that it is extremely homogeneous. It's produced by means of an manufacturing process and results in an excellent performance, even for large bridge works.

White HT zirconia blocks, we recommend our bloomden color liquid matching VITA 16 colors A/B/C/D . With much better compatible. Once you’ve choosen Bloomden, you’ll benefit from high quality zirconia at the most affordable material price in the industry.

1.Wide compatibility

Thickness ranges from 10mm,12mm,14mm,16mm,18mm,20mm,22mm
and 25mm.Compatible with Roland,Wieland,VHF,Amann Girrbach,Yenadent and
other most open CAD CAM milling machines.

2.Cold isostatic pressing

All of our blocks are isostatically pressed to insure a uniform shrinkage and density by the sintering process.

3.Work with Tosoh zirconia powder

We can keep a good quality know-how in powder comparable
with Tosoh ,while keep cost competitive and most fine powder from China,
due to their high-ranking properties for purity and quality to make our
disks the best they can be.

4.100% safe every time

Our Bloomden Zirconia blanks are allergen-free and
bio-inert. It will not transmit heat or cold from the mouth to the
surrounding bone.You can use it confidently and safely.

5.Take care of your mill

Bloomden zirconia pucks are softer than the generic
zirconia.Which can well take care of your spindle and other milling
tools,you can use them much longer.

Bloomzir® High Translucent HT-Plus Shade Range: VITA® 16 shades:

Bloomzir® High Translucent HT-Plus sintering illurstration:

1. Room temperature to 900°C (1652°F),  5°C/min, approximately by 180mins.

2. 900°C (1652°F) to 1530°C (2786°F), 8°C/min, approximately by 60mins.

3. Holding 1530°C (2786°F) for 120mins. 

4. Dropping from 1530°C (2786°F) to 900°C (1652°F), 5°C/min, approximately by 120mins.

5. Natural cooling

below Bloomzir® High Translucent HT-Plus case is brought to you by Dr. Essa of Yemen:

Perfectly suitable for All ceramic coping of:        

*Posterior single crown




* 98mm with a 10mm step. Compatible with Weiland, VHF, Roland, and most open CAD CAM Milling Machines.

* 95mm. Compatible with Zirkonzahn milling machines.

* AG89*71mm. Compatible with Amann Girrbach milling machines

1.We are government authorized R&D team cooperated with Local famous Hunan university' science and technology sector.

2.All of our blanks are isostatically pressed to insure a
uniform density and shrinkage through the sintering process. In-house
test capabilities include microhardness and flexural strength.

3.Specializing in manufacturing zirconia more than 10
years with strong production and deep in zirconia technology from powder
to manufacturing

4.Sophisticated experience technician

5.Raw material approved FDA

6.Prompt delivery time ,stock available and warehouse more than 2000 ㎡.

7.Professional sales person replied within 24hours

8.Variety of payment method , T/T / Paypal / Via Alipay Trade Assurance guarantee customers’ rights and interests.

9.When customers are not satisfied with merchandise, should be promptly returned or replacement within 7 days.

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