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Thanks Giving Day

Time : 2019-12-02 Hits : 79

        Thank you for your appearance. "Thanks for the platform provided by the company, thanks for the help of colleagues and friends, and various delicate afternoon snacks ..." On Nov-28, under the leadership of President Pan, A special Thanksgiving event was held in Bloomden Bioceramics Co., Ltd.

          In the afternoon, the activity started with Dao Lang's "Thank You" sign language dance.  Everyone danced with the music, and there was a warm atmosphere everywhere. A team can not be  a combat team without pain. When traveling abroad, when reviewing the experience of foreign visits, there are all kinds of bittersweet, but for the global promotion of the bloomden brand and the great determination and vision to work hard for promoted sales, the little partners resolutely went to the world. In hot oil desert countries, in dream-veiled countries blocked by the United States, in literary and artistic countries, in sturdy cold northern countries, in subtropical developing countries, in countries with unrestrained samba dances, everywhere All left the beautiful shadows of Bloomden Company's ladies.

           We have struggled, we have worked hard, and we deserved our youth. The two new colleagues of the company have also been infected by everyone's enthusiasm and perseverance. They have been inspired by everyone's enthusiasm and warmth. They are moved by tolerance. They are determined to learn from their predecessors, strive for an early global expansion, and follow the footsteps of their predecessors. Bloomden's banner was inserted in every human corner of the earth.

             After sharing, the host encouraged everyone to write their gratitude words on a small card and paste them on the wall to remember this grateful day. In the next food sharing, everyone is humble and thanks each other for our wonderful time and wish our great motherland prosperity and prosperity. This activity created a grateful opportunity for everyone who is grateful. At the same time, it also inspired every employee to thank others and let us create a harmonious company full of love.